When traveling for either business or pleasure, we know that the accommodations are an important part of the picture, maybe even just as important as your destination.  With so many different lodging options available to guests, ending up at a hotel or type of accommodation that doesn’t suit your needs can make a well-intended travel experience unpleasant. So why stay at a bed and breakfast inn? For us, that’s a simple question to answer with a single word – uniqueness. Bed and Breakfast Inns are very different from a typical hotel. For an entirely different lodging experience, check out these five reasons why you need to stay at a bed and breakfast today:

  1. Service With a Smile

Some hotels may offer you great service, however it really can be hit or miss. Once checked in and settled, learning that the service at your “home” for the next few days does not live up to your expectations can be a real downer. Unless you are staying in a 5 star hotel, service can mean that the only service experience you have as a patron is upon arrival at check in. At a bed and breakfast, your service experience is much more on the concierge level and not on the “call the front desk only if there is a problem” level. We want you to be comfortable. Staying at a bed and breakfast feels much more like home. At Casa Blanca Inn & Suites, we aren’t Farmington’s finest bed & breakfast inn for no reason. We go above and beyond to make sure your stay with us is packed with customer service that makes your trip memorable. So take your pick – a run of the mill hotel experience or a bed and breakfast with the comforts of home.

  1. Unforgettable

Hotel can be very cookie-cutter, even ho-hum. Same room, different hotel sums up many hotel experiences. This makes many stays pretty unforgettable. When you stay at a B&B, you will leave with a unique and memorable experience. Do you remember the hotel experience you had five years ago? Me neither. But if you were to ponder the same question about a bed and breakfast, you would very likely remember your stay. That’s because the bed and breakfast experience versus a hotel room can be much more personal. When you stay at a B&B, you are not just a room number. You are a guest welcomed into a space that feels like home. In fact, you are welcomed into a home, our home. And guests of our Casa Blanca home are sure to have a more enjoyable experience than a regular old hotel.

  1. Breakfast of Champions

Just in case you didn’t realize, breakfast is part of the deal. The most important meal of the day is home cooked and specially prepared to your liking at a bed and breakfast. And it is complimentary. At a hotel, you might get an on-the-go cold breakfast that leaves you hungry a few minutes later. Sometimes you might get lucky with a hot breakfast, but it won’t be personal or made to order. And who knows how long it has been sitting under that heat lamp.  But at a bed and breakfast, you can start your day with a home cooked, gourmet meal often made with local flavor. No need to wake up in search of breakfast.

  1. Rest and Relaxation

Staying at a B&B is a great way to get some R&R. Many bed and breakfast inns are located in peaceful settings and have beautiful gardens and views to take in. Bed and breakfasts are also often located close enough to the action without being right in the middle of it, allowing you to have the best of both worlds – rest and relaxation as well as excitement and entertainment. Bed and breakfasts tend to promote peace and quiet and offer a great place to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Stay with us at Casa Blanca Inn and Suites and you will enjoy our peaceful gardens, trickling fountains, and luxury accommodations. Book your stay today!

  1. Amenities Galore

Amenities at a hotel can be great and plentiful. That is if you feel like ponying up for them. Hotels can stick you with a bill every time you turn around, nickeling and diming you for amenities. Save your hard earned cash and enjoy amenities such as free Wi-Fi (and breakfast) at a B&B. At a B&B, we understand that certain amenities are basic necessities for our patrons. And you shouldn’t have to empty your pockets for them. Casa Blanca’s amenities include:

A complimentary full Southwestern style breakfast buffet

Luxurious linens, down pillows, and comforters

Refrigerators, coffee makers, coffee bean grinders, and microwaves

Hair dryers, robes, irons, and ironing boards

Dish TV and WIFI

Individual patios with courtyard or garden views

A peaceful acre of lush gardens, shade trees, and ponds

Expansive courtyards, a gazebo, and shady sitting areas

A guest library and lending library

Gracious living room with game table, formal dining room
So if you haven’t stayed at a bed and breakfast yet, what are you waiting for?  Book your stay at Casa Blanca Inn & Suites today.